The Plan

Over six months, this adventure will reimagine a formal mentorship in public relations and marketing. Rather than restrict the project to a one-on-one, mentor/mentee feedback loop, we will experiment with open, networked exchange in a storytelling format. This dynamic and creative process will allow us to:

1. crowd-source best practices and ideas
2. create a useful record of our work together
3. test and continually refine communications channels for personal and professional growth

*AAM‘s Public Relations & Marketing Professional Group Listserv
*Personal social networks

The Journey
(+random additional conversations, which we’ll document)

Jan. 13: Visioning & Dreaming
Richmond, VA
*Assign monthly topics
*Curate channels to share progress
*Professional bonding
*Deliverables & Results to define success? It’s about the journey.

Feb. 17: The Communications Plan
Digital Sphere Conference Call
*Long-range scheduling, sequencing, timing
*Written/electronic materials
*Social Media
*The Press Room
*Vocus for contact list research and management
*Harvesting coverage
*Measuring results

March 23 28: Brand Management
Digital Sphere (Google Hangout:
*Position Statement/Elevator Speech
*Institutional alignment
*Unified voice across platforms
*Transformation & growth

April 20 26, 5 pm EST: Crisis Communications 
Digital Sphere (Google Hangout:
*Leadership team
*Response strategy
*Transparent policies
*War stories

May 18 June 11: Media, Networks, & Continuing Education
Digital Sphere (Google Hangout:
*Media Relations
*Reading lists
*Professional associations
*Professional events, conferences, trade shows
*Tech trends

June 15 22: Keep it Creative
Washington, DC
*Virtual and real life events
*Unexpected partnerships
*Inspiration outside the arts


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