The People

Suzanne Hall, Chief Communications Officer, VMFA
Suzanne’s 30-year journey in cultural marketing began with a BFA and an aspiration to be a textile artist. Her experiences as a teacher and in a variety of cultural communications (and a Masters in Communications) led to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Suzanne is an adventurer: in travel, food, preservation and art. A hiker, biker, and horticultural enthusiast, creativity fuels her.  Connect with Suzanne on LinkedIn

Cecilia Wichmann, Publicity & Marketing Manager, The Phillips Collection 
Four years plus in museum communications after undergraduate studies in art history and German, punctuated by PR and marketing internships in arts organizations in DC, NYC, and Toronto. Has difficulty quelling exuberance in front of art. Likes connecting with people by listening (and talking), about thrifting, fresh food, education, walking/biking, Berlin, Toronto, and (especially) art. Connect with Cecilia on LinkedIn


10 thoughts on “The People

  1. Hi Cecilia, what a pleasant surprise that I was forwarded the link to your new blog this morning! Looking forward to following it, and I hope you’re doing well in D.C! Say hi to Sophia for me…-Alicia Cooper

    • @Susan, thanks! We had a lot of fun with the chalkboard at Lamplighters in Richmond (+photoshop). This is one big experiment so we appreciate your feedback and hope you’ll stay involved.

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