Noon Hangout: Media, Networks, Continuing Ed

UPDATE: Due to technical difficulties we have rescheduled this chat to Wednesday, June 13–10:30 am EST. Thanks for your patience and hope you’ll join us then.

May has come and gone but the Media, Networks, & Continuing Education exchange is still on! A new hangout time is in the mix for Monday, June 11–noon EST. Suzanne now has webcam access in the office so we’ll take advantage during our lunch breaks and hope you’ll join us. To do so, visit where you’ll find a hangout underway. Participate between now and then by posting questions and links here and/or on our Google + page.

This topic is rather free form. Some areas we plan to address:
*Media Relations
*Reading lists
*Professional associations
*Professional events, conferences, trade shows
*Tech trends

Of particular interest to me at the moment–press trips. I’d like to learn more about informal, regularly scheduled visits to check-in with press contacts in other cities, as well as best practices for offering trips domestically or abroad to an individual or group of journalists to seed a story.


Resource Roundup

Suzanne returned to Lamplighter's chalkboard to illustrate a communications idea. Tactics may constantly evolve but basic strategy remains simple - send out a carefully packaged message to inspire. We weren't certain our "message in a bottle" actually communicates, but after a week at the beach, I love the graphic.

And we’re back after a brief travel break! I was in Panama for a friend’s wedding and Suzanne in New York for business and fun. I came back to a virtual pile of resources from colleagues, friends, and mentors. Here’s a digest: