Recommended Reading: A Life in Museums

Today I had the great pleasure of seeing Wendy Luke. She came to the museum to speak with a group of my colleagues who she’ll coach over the coming months (a couple of us who worked with her previously joined the discussion). She brought along a gift for me–A Life in Museums: Managing Your Museum Careera book she edited with Greg Stevens, published by the American Association of Museums. From “powering up your personal brand” to “managing from the middle,” the volume is packed with practical wisdom for museum professionals at all career stages. Chapter titles like those, plus Wendy’s diverse background (with non-profits to multi-billion-dollar corporations), give me a strong feeling that the book can be an important professional development resource beyond the museum world. Suzanne and I were honored when Wendy invited me to write a sidebar on this experiment for her chapter on mentorship. You’ll find “Practically Speaking: Open-Sourcing Your Mentorship” on pages 184-185. If you’re traveling to AAM’s annual meeting in Minneapolis next week, be sure to attend the Meet and Greet and Book Signing with Wendy and Greg on Wed., May 2, 1-2 pm, in the AAM bookstore.


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