Breakfast Hangout: Talking Brands

As always, muppets are an inspiration in innovative branding. They hosted a Google hangout last month! Topic? "Are you a Man or a Muppet?"

Next Wednesday morning, Suzanne and I will pour coffees, sit down at our respective breakfast tables in Richmond, VA, and Takoma Park, MD, open laptops, and talk about brand management. We hope you’ll join us!

Wednesday, March 28 – 8 am
Google Hangout:

Some tech tips to prepare: you’ll need a Google+ account and Google hangout capabilities active. Luckily, Google makes it easy. Check out everything you need to know before you hangoutgetting started, and settings and requirements. You’ll need to make sure your webcam is up and running, and you’ll be required to download one new plugin.

At 8 am on Wednesday, visit where you’ll see a Hangout about brand management underway. Jump right in! You can also participate between now and then by posting questions and links here and/or on our Google + page.

4 thoughts on “Breakfast Hangout: Talking Brands

  1. From Facebook:
    Oh awesome! Glad to hear the conversation will continue! Had a great Google+ hangout recently, but had to switch to ToGoMeeting for a more consistent visual. There were four of us using webcams.
    Lauren Batch, Meeting Manager in Dallas, TX

  2. From Facebook:
    I have used Google+ for a status meeting with my team when we were moving offices and had to work from home. It was great because it shows the person who is speaking in the large screen. however if you want to show your screen then go to meeting is definitely an option. Our company uses Webex – its pretty cool because you can pass the screen to other users very easily if they want to show something. And of course, there is always good ol’ Skype where you can also do multi webcam conferences! –> and it’s free!
    Cristina Chewning DiStefano, Account Manager at HeBS Digital in New York City

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