Communications: Back to Basics

Our first topic session took place by old-fashioned phone call. All those plans to innovate with Google hangout or Skype were sidelined when I lost internet (for a week!). My mentor modeled a positive WiFi-free attitude: “More time to read, dream and sleep!” The night before we were scheduled to convene, I accepted that Comcast wouldn’t resolve the issue in time, and we brainstormed a “plan b” by text message:

SH: Neither of us can Skype from work. I have never done Google chat. Let’s not make this more difficult – innovation required?

CW: Shall we just be old fashioned and talk by phone from the office using email to share links if needed and I’ll take good notes?

Our call lasted just over an hour, and we covered a lot of ground–too much (and too attuned to our specific day-to-day procedures) to hold your attention here. Instead of a play-by-play, we’ll share key takeaways in a series of posts over the next week.

UPDATE: First takeaway topic is calendars. What kind of communications planning calendars does your team maintain? And what are your mechanisms for coordinating and sharing updates? We’ll integrate your input into the upcoming post.


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