On the Docket: The Communications Plan

Coming soon, our first scheduled conversation. Topic is The Communications Plan, including:

  • Strategy
  • Long-range scheduling, sequencing, timing
  • Written/electronic materials
  • Social Media
  • The Press Room
  • Vocus for contact list research and management
  • Harvesting coverage
  • Measuring results

Who needs to know what, when? And how do we tell them so it sticks? If there’s a backbone to our profession, this might be it.

I’m curious about Suzanne’s day-to-day habits related to implementing and executing a communications plan. Does she create a physical master document? Who on her team contributes to it? Does it integrate timelines for advertising, marketing, promotions, and media relations or does each area get separate (if parallel) treatment? What are best practices for timeline/sequencing? What key deadlines should be locked into place as non-negotiable? When is it just too late to add to or adjust the plan and expect returns?

In the strategy phase, what’s the right balance between accepting your organization’s product or content as is, pushing the product/content to become more “marketable”, or generating totally new product/content that’s directly on trend or message? And how narrowly should we define desired outcomes?

We’re still working out a feasible channel for our discussion given unexpected travel and technical difficulties (I’m without internet at home so hammering out this post via free WiFi at Capital City Cheesecake, my cozy independent coffee/treats/wifi go-to in Takoma Park.) We’ll post updates and content here as soon as available.  


4 thoughts on “On the Docket: The Communications Plan

  1. Wow, Grasshopper, I navigated many of these topics just today! I am going to link your post to my Linked-In groups as well as Google + to encourage some input. I will focus on a dynamic and integrated plan, since that is an obsession of mine.

    Oh, and about your no home wifi, I am sorry about your loss, but only in a way. You should savor print media and read a book or two. It’s really peaceful. After all, you still have your iPhone.

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