For Immediate Release

With less than two weeks to go until our first formal Google+ powwow–Topic: The Communications Plan–we need your input. We’ll talk strategy, schedule, written & electronic materials, social media, press room, list management (via Vocus, as we coincidentally both subscribe to the service at different levels, but we’re interested in other systems that work for you), harvesting clips and coverage, and measuring results.

We’d love to hear from you on all of the above, but let’s zoom in on a monolith at the heart of this topic. I’m curious: does the press release still work for you?

Communications professionals–Do you still craft them? Has your format changed? Have you turned to other methods for disseminating news? Does it depend on the topic?

Journalists–Do you read them? Are they equivalent to SPAM in your inboxes? Do you count on them as informational resources? Would you prefer to receive news in other ways? Does it depend on the topic?

Please take the poll and, if you have time, elaborate with detailed responses in the comments section.


3 thoughts on “For Immediate Release

  1. I like the attention to hyperlinks very much, Sensei! Connecting folks to the resources they need. I’m very tuned in to those pathways when I blog but approach releases with perhaps too much focus on their futures in hard copy. Looks like this poll might be better retooled as an open question–readers: how have you adapted your press releases to work on multiple platforms?

  2. Poll outcomes: no participants feel that the release is over though most agree it has taken on new forms. Here’s a quick roundup of formatting suggestions, culled from LinkedIn discussions:
    *short/sweet, well written copy and headline
    *set apart key facts as bullet points
    *relevant links (both anchored in text and expanded URL)
    *lots of supporting photos/video (embedded and via links)
    *embed in body of an email with links to organization newsroom; do not attach as PDF with jpegs
    *distribute in tandem with personal calls and social networking

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