Social Media Guidelines for Staff

Social media is an exciting and dynamic new channel for communications professionals. It is usually, but not always, a responsibility that falls to the communications and marketing  departments. That means managing the content, developing the relationships and basically, being on the front line of engagement with customers who use these tools. But what about the staff throughout the museum? How do we  manage the engagement of our staff in social media, both on the job and off?

As we all know, the lines between public and personal blur. If someone is on their personal Facebook or Twitter account, and if they make comments about their place of employment, the perception is that they speak as a member of the team. Many staff can and should be communicating about their work through social media, however. How should staff be guided to manage these new channels professionally?

Developing and articulating standards for responsible use of social media by employees is also in dynamic evolution. Today I read the new social media guidelines just issued by the Associated Press. In the spirit of learning best practices here is the link.


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