An Idea that Sparks

From: Hall, Suzanne (VMFA)
To: Cecilia Wichmann
Subject: Mentoring in Public Relations and Marketing

I have an idea – see what you think. What if our process is transparent (to a large degree) and conducted via Linked In dialogue and post meeting summaries? This is my version of a museum PRAM reality show. If we are bold and committed, it could become a bit of topic in the profession. We’d be inventing as we go, but frankly, we all do that ;-). Plus it could have the benefit of “crowd sourcing” for some best practices.

I took the AAM guidelines and began some customization of that doc. I like this idea but it will be occasionally consuming. It will also require learning more about Linked In than I know currently. It seems like a good potential place for this to occur but we could also consider a blog. I want to learn Word Press. We currently use blogger and I find it buggy and problematic. Where is your comfort zone on this? We are going to have to work hard to produce visuals, which as we know are key to communications these days.


Suzanne Hall
Chief Communications Officer


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