Of Mentors and Muses

Mentorship, like storytelling, is ancient. In Homer’s Odyssey, Mentor is the trusted friend enlisted to advise Odysseus’s son, Telemachus, while his father embarks on adventure. In our story, the mentorship is the adventure. We’ll tell it as it happens, right here.

Over six months, this adventure will reimagine a formal mentorship in public relations and marketing. Rather than restrict the project to a one-on-one, mentor/mentee feedback loop, we will experiment with open, networked exchange in a storytelling format. This dynamic and creative process will allow us to:

1. crowd-source best practices and ideas
2. create a useful record of our work together
3. test and continually refine communications channels for personal and professional growth

We’ve charted a course through five essential topic areas and count on unscheduled detours as intriguing questions arise. For both of us, home turf is the art museum, but we’re here to explore broadly applicable communications issues. Our muses will be our real life experiences and yours.

This exchange is completely open, and we hope you’ll weigh in. We’ll post invitations to Google+ hangouts, recaps of our discussions, requests for recommended reading/viewing, and more here so please subscribe or bookmark the blog, and check back often. Post comments with any and all questions and ideas, and feel free to extend the conversation by connecting with us individually on LinkedIn.


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